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300WLED Spotlight is the choice of the auditorium theater
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In today's rapid development technology of radio, film and television, the use of lighting technology can not only consider whether it’s good then , but also to think of it not to lag behind the next few years or even ten years. Fortunately, we are now catching up with a major breakthrough in light technology and transformation - the rapid development of LED lighting. This technology is a bit numerous, more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, less infrared heat radiation, more durable, more has a trend to replace the conventional nickel tungsten filament lamps and so on.

In reality, however, many large studio need to use more than 300w face light, but in many parts of the studio would rather use 200w more, why?The industry generally believe that 300 wled spotlight technical indicators are not satisfactory.

 In view of the above problem, Guangzhou VanGaa Lighting specifically product 300w LED spotlight to meet different occasions, different people’s needs.For example, VanGaa Lighting did a municipal government meeting room, area of about 500 square, but the top is very high, 200W can not meet the needs of face light, can only switch to 300W. In fact, VanGaa Lighting 300W led spotlight, its test distance is 20 meters, the maximum luminous flux is 8600lm, can meet the requirements of long-range face light, meanwhile,it’s electronic zoom, a control console can all get, it is real the long-range light gospel.


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