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Another meeting room lighting was completed perfectly
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Since VanGaa Lighting pushed out new conference room lighting series, China 9.6 million square kilometers land scattered flowers results everywhere.It is a beautiful meeting room was completed in Beijing recently.

In 2016, after VanGaa Lighting research and development of new LED thread spotlight was born, it got the  customer consistent recognition and praise.It has different types and models, 100 w, 200 w, 300 w,and they can be matched according to the different distance of different occasions. So in many different sizes of conference rooms, using the spotlight as surface light is one of the best choice.

Spotlight can be used not only for face light, but also can be used for side light. Its biggest advantage is concentrated, can make the person's face very clear and soft. At the same time,compared to the the traditional light bulb, whether it is illumination, or projection distance,led is perfecter.

In this beautiful conference room,there are not only LED thread spotlights, but also embedded three-color conference lights, the combination of the two, leaving the conference room lighting effect highlights perfect.

From: VanGaa Lighting

Keywords:LED thread spotlight,embedded three-color conference light,vangaalight

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