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LED panel lighting technology and application details
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In recent years, with the continuous development of LED module developed technology, LED lighting in the studio lighting design and use has become increasingly common, and now there have been completely using LED lighting TV studio. LED can be seen as a new type of green-type lighting, is leading the industry development direction. LED lighting in the domestic TV lighting industry debut in 2004 BIRTV, LED PAR lights for the first time into the people's vision. Since then, LED PAR light has entered people's field of vision for the first time.From then on, the LED PAR light as the effect of light is widely used in various types of TV programs.   

LED flat light lighting techniques

1.1  forms of lighting on standing broadcast

Standing broadcast is an important form of news programs, in the news, weather, interaction , review, etc. there are more cases in the each type of program. The standing broadcast is more flexible than other broadcast methods. Usually with a large screen or light box as the background. Single fixed-point broadcast, can be based on "three lighting lighting, each position using 3 ~ 5 LED flat panel soft light to illuminate; if it is a regional range of walking broadcast, you can use led panel light to product a continuous uniform face light area. Depending on the size of the walking range, a led panel light can be arranged at about every 1.5 m wide locations for face light illumination. Backlight depending on the size of the movement and the height of the studio, to select the panel light or fresnel spotlight .The main direction of the face light is consistent with the direction of the camera. The distance between the host and large screen background should be above 1.5 m, if it is a big distance between the LED screen, depending on the situation need to be larger to avoid the camera Moore lines and stray light interference on the screen.

1.2 forms of lighting on sitting broadcast

Sitting broadcast is the political news, people's livelihood news, interviews programs with multi-purpose program form. For single, double and many people have different light way. Single lighting is usually improved based on "three-point light", you can increase the number of flat lights and improve the angle to create a uniform light. Face light decorating, host use 3 to 5 LED panel lights as a single host of the main face light and side light. Backlight can use the same color temperature threaded LED spotlight or LED imaging lights,make the area control of the light zone and the host contour lighting more effective. I Use eye lamp under the table on the broadcast table, dilute the host facial shadow. Arrangement of the light for double and more people, to consider the direction of each lamp specific role. Sometimes to consider a multi-purpose lights, for example, both as the host A side light, but also take into account the host B's backlight; sometimes under the situation of two or more hosts sitting on closer. It need to do specialized lamp,and use the block, black flag board to avoid stray light affect the other host face.


And Guangzhou VanGaa Lighting Factory, which in view of the studio specializing in research and development production studio lighting,can completely meet the above needs. We can see from tomorrow's article.

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