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News studio in the LED panel soft light 6 major advantages
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In recent years, with the continuous development of LED module development technology, LED lighting in the studio lighting design and use has become increasingly common, there have been completely using LED lighting TV studio. LED lamps can be seen as a new type of green environment-friendly lamps, is leading the development direction of the industry.

In 2010, China Central Television studio lighting has been a large number of LED lamps. At present, LED lamps are widely used in major domestic television stations. It can be said that the LED has been from the simple sense of the effect of light development into the light to illuminat for people, the true sense of the LED lighting. Among them, LED flat light with its luminous efficiency, color rendering index of the upgrade, in the national province, prefecture-level city television has been widely used, has become an important news studio lighting tools.

LED panel soft light’s most prominent advantages are following points: light qualitative soft and uniform; energy saving and environmental protection; long service life; high luminous efficiency; less heat radiation, which is most of the traditional light source lamps do not have. Next time, we will talk about their six major advantages.

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