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News studio in the LED panel soft light 6 major advantages(Two)
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VanGaa Lighting production research and development of LED panel soft light sold at home and abroad, get the customer the consistent high praise, today we talk about its several major advantages.


1 light soft and uniform

       From the physical structure, LED panel lights has the same characteristics as three primary colors fluorescent lamps, are scattered light. LED panel light luminous way, at present is mainly LED light-emitting diode array and LED module with reflective bowl in two ways,and add a layer on the surface of lamps and lanterns.No matter what way, the light is relatively soft, uniform, light qualityis more "soft." Through the front of the lamp cover and honeycomb grille can control the light emitting area, to avoid stray light (commonly known as "wild light") scattering. Can meet the requirements of characters lighting uniformity and soft skin in the news program.

2 energy saving and environmental protection

       LED lights, whether it is the structure or light principle, and the traditional tungsten filament is essentially different. The basic principle of LED light emission is to add positive bias voltage at both ends of the PN junction. The holes and free electrons move to form the internal electric field. Then, a new injection of holes and free electrons to composite, composite when excess energy released in the form of photons, which is the user to see the LED light. LED luminous principle determines its energy conversion efficiency is very high, in theory, it is more than 90% energy saving than traditional halogen lamps, than the three-color soft light energy saving nearly 50%, energy-saving effect is very significant.


3 long service life

       Traditional halogen tungsten lamp filament easily broken, and LED using solid-state semiconductor chip to convert energy into light, more durable, able to withstand high-strength mechanical shock. In normal use, LED panel lamp life of up to 50 000 h, in a certain sense to reduce the lamp replacement and other maintenance work.


4 high luminous efficiency

      In theory, the luminous efficiency of white LED can reach nearly 300 lm / W. If compare its luminous efficiency 150 lm / W with other light sources, the luminous efficiency of the LED is 11.5 times that of incandescent lamp (131 lm / W under the same conditions), which is higher than that of the high pressure sodium lamp (132 lm / W) even higher.

5 light color pure

      LED PAR lights used for the most early use of dyeing effect. LED in the light color to show its absolute advantage, on the current market, colorful LED products already can cover the entire visible spectral, and have good monochromaticity, high purity characteristics at the same time. With the development of LED light source,its color rendering index gradually increased. With the color rendering index to enhance, the LED panel light to restore the color of the characters close to or even surpass the traditional three-color fluorescent lamps, satisfy photography color reproduction of the characters of the needs of higher requirements.

6 less radiant heat

       Although the current LED chip can not put all the electric energy into light energy, but because of the LED light source itself PN junction luminescence characteristics, determines its infrared radiation is smaller than the traditional tungsten halogen lamp, computer lights, they are cold light source. So that the host to avoid the light of the high temperature and hot.

       There are so many advantages, which customers do not like it? In the arrival of 2017, VanGaa Lighting will make strenuous efforts, ready to upgrade the product again, the performance is more stable, assurance is more quality, the rest is waiting for you!


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