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What is the difference between the characteristics of TV lighting and stage lighting? (TWO)
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Last time we talked about the illumination and light ratio requirements, today we come to talk about the difference between the color.

3 color requirements

The performance of the light art can also be achieved by the combination of a conventional lamp color changer and the color wheel of a computerized light,to use the changes in the color of the light to describe the nature, render the atmosphere, or splendid color, strong tone ,or Quietly elegant color, warm and sweet .   

For the stage lights, the use of color can be free bold, unfettered. As long as meet the needs of the story, as long as the technical conditions can be achieved, as long as the audience's eyes can be accepted, what kind of color can all be used. For the TV lights, the use of the color should not be thick, different colors through the camera out of the the TV will be deepened, so the color used by the TV lights should be adjust according to  the recorded color effect on the monitor. If according to the experience of the stage lighting to configure the color of the TV lights, many deep colors through the camera will be "paste" into a ball on the present picture, far from can not reflect the details of the scene. Especially like blue, purple series and other cool colors, people's visual experience is obviously light blue, but the TV screen is dark blue after the camera. If the according to the experience of stage lighting color, the dark blue used in the TV lights, that appeared on the TV screen must be blue mess. So the TV lights, the use of color, not only to take into account the eyes of the audience, but also to closely cooperate with the camera, grasp the degree of color, make the color of the TV screen to show comfortable and transparent.

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