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Times darling---the new electric LED flip three-color conference light
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In the conference room lighting, there is a light favored by the customers, that is, the new electric LED flip three-color conference lights. This light almost make up all the shortage of the embedded three-color conference lights, it is very popular.


The new electric flip LED three-color conference lights in Vangaa Lighting Factory are all changed to 490 ps Taiwan Edison patch beads,with light body more compact,LED life of 50,000 hours, 0-100% dimming and CRI greater than 92, why do you say it make up for more embedded three-color conference lights shortage? First of all, it uses the console to control the flip angle, and the angle is adjustable 0-65 degrees, in the meeting site, it can change the distance and angle of face light according to the different number of people and seats on the podium.


High brightness, good heat dissipation, full mute, to solve the problem of face light distance, it is real the new darling of conference room lighting.


From: VanGaa Lighting Factory

Keywords: electric LED flip three-color conference lights,led ceiling panel light,vangaa lighting

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