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The Differences Between “Fog Machine” and “Haze Machine”
post time:2013-03-10

In the professional stage and venues, stage effects by using the “Fog” and “Haze” machine are very important for the performance. In the lighting industry, we often mix the “Fog Machine” and “Haze Machine”, known as the Fog Machine together. In fact, there are some differences between “Fog Machine” and “Haze machine”.


"Fog Machine” is the ordinary machine, have two types, upside spray and low spray. It emitted smoke more concentrated, more choking, keep in the air for a short time. It often be used for bars, night show and other general entertainment. The fogs from the fog machine smokes dirty, smoky and not clean. Fog Machine needs smoke oil (some also require the professional smoke oil). The fog is produce by heating the oil. The cost of Fog Machine is low and more common to use.


"Haze Machine” is also known as the professional “Fog Machine”. The emitted smoke is relatively uniform, thin, stay in the air for a long time, can effectively highlight the lighting effects. The smoke is more clean, people feel more comfortable living in this smoke. So the Haze Machine suitable for professional stage to create a "smoke-filled "wonderland effect. “Haze machine” often use for the evening, theater, television film, and other professional venues. “Haze Machine” requires professional oil as a raw material to form smog spray out by heating conversion. So the Haze Machine more expensive for professional performances and other high-end places.


From: VanGaa Lighting

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